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Psychic Art from Clairvoyant Demonstration at Newbridge on the 7th August 2008

guide103Guides can come and go depending upon your learning curve. The best guide is one that has already experienced and learnt the same lessons. This Egyptian Priestess is an old soul who was ‘announced’ as a guide to a very special lady called Jayne. Maggie Gatehouse holds a closed circle on a regular basis. This guide came to the circle the week before the clairvoyant demonstration. Jayne is learning to write poetry and very slowly gaining confidence to express herself through her Egyptian Guide. This portrait was recognised at the demonstration and it was noted that Jayne was wearing a top with the same green and yellow top.

monk03This psychic art portrait was drawn during an investigation in West Wales. This monk was a guide to the family who were experiencing paranormal experience in their Edwardian House. This psychic investigation was televised and the calming, guiding influence of the monk helped the family during their spiritual learning journey.

guide2This guide was recognised in the Bridgend SNU Rally on the 6th September 2008. The lady stated she recognised her face as she had seen her guide. She went on to say that this guide had bright red hair.

Psychic Art Portrait copyright Jane McCarthy Psychic Readings UK 2014

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