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th_35_big04Spirit help and guide us through life whether spirit guides, angels or a member of our own family passed to spirit.  Uncle Fred who drank, swore and chased women is not going to suddenly sprout angel wings he will still be the Uncle Fred that you knew and loved.  I have noticed that spirit come as they want to be seen sometimes in their prime or when they passed to spirit. It is really up to them

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ShannonI undertook an American investigation into a missing child and worked with bounty hunters and the police.  I was sent a photograph of the most adorable little girl called Shannon. This little girl looked like four years old and this was a professional photograph of her sat on a podium in a pretty party dress and she looked beautiful with long hair around her shoulders.  Photograph of Shannon - please see above.

I hear spirit in all ways sometimes it is the spoken word but a lot of the time it is a high pitched shrill noise in my ear.  Spirit have taught me that if you slow this message down it will sound like the spoken word.  If spirit resonate to say, seven and we resonate to say, three, the vibration is different and that is why it is just a noise.  This has been proved to me many times as I seem to get this noise when someone is at the door or I have a phone call and even if I get an email that spirit want me to see.

My heart went out to this missing little girl and I prayed for Shannon not knowing if she was alive or dead. That night I had a visitor.  The spirit of a young girl around the age of 11 years old visited me.  I had just gone to bed and was settling down when a young girl aged around 11 years old came around the bed to me.  The strange thing was that she came as if she was slowing down frame by frame until she became quite solid by the side of me. This might surprise you but sometimes spirit can appear quite solid as if they were still alive on the earth plane. I did not know who this was at the time but I knew it was spirit. She was in black and white no colour on her but dressed in an old fashioned pinafore dress with a short sleeved blouse and short white socks with old fashioned sandals. If anything this could have been a school uniform but very old fashioned for a young girl.

The spirit of this girl told me that she was passed to spirit and gave me some details of how and why and where. In addition, she went on to tell her story about what she was doing now. I listened and realised this could be Shannon but not sure as this young girl was years older. I contacted the family of Shannon only to find out that Shannon was taken from them at aged 11 years old and was wearing exactly what she wore when she visited me. It was wonderful confirmation for the family as they had told me nothing. 

0000002502They had come to terms with the fact Shannon was dead as she had been missing for years and they had found out that tragically a paedophile ring had taken her. At least the family knew that she had passed to spirit very shortly after being taken and that her suffering, bless her, was not long.  I have shed many tears over this case but on listening to Shannon realised that this was her destiny but it did not help the devastated family she left behind who are still crying over the loss of a beautiful little girl. God bless and help that family.

However, it proved to me the reason why it is easier for spirit to get quick messages through to us by that high pitched noise as it is far easier for them but our own spirit/soul picks up that message which filters down through the physical via the mind. Peace the mind and you will understand the message. A trained mind can interpret spirit messages far more accurately.

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Worries and Burdens

th_40_big04Every day, I say a prayer and ask God to take away our worries and our burdens not only for myself, but for my family and friends. These are the people that matter to me, but sometimes situations happen and you forget that He is there. A very close friend of mine was in hospital and at that time we were broke. I expect you have all been there at some time or another, where if you spend £5 more on your overdraft the bank charges you £10 for the privilege. We really could not afford to spend another penny. My pride stopped me from going to the hospital.

I could not turn up at the bedside of my dear friend, Sheila, without a bunch of flowers or at least some fruit. Chris told me not to be so stupid that it would not matter to her. Sheila would have only been delighted just to see us and not the flowers or fruit. But I was proud and after having words with Chris, I dragged our poor dog, beauty, out for a walk. It was a dark, cold night and as I pulled beauty down the pavement, I was muttering to myself. All of sudden, I heard a voice laughing at me. There was no one there. I realized that spirit were walking by the side of me laughing out loud. This only got me more annoyed and I started to tell them it wasn’t funny. Halfway down the road, a voice boomed in my ear ‘STOP.’

I stopped and asked why. A beautiful voice replied. “Look at your feet” and there at my feet was a £5 note. That night, I visited Sheila with a beautiful bunch of flowers. We should all learn to trust that He is with us and sends His physical and spiritual angels when we need them.

Another story that confirms He helps with the worries and burdens is when I was out of work. I had looked for jobs and was not sure of what I really wanted. I love doing my work with spirit but needed also to earn a living. So one day I got paper and pen and sat down and put down all the things I like doing; the things I am capable of doing; the things I enjoy doing; the things that I am really good at. I also put down good points and bad points - be honest. Then finally, I put the amount of money that I would like to earn, being realistic and again honest.

th_79_big02I said a prayer and asked Him upstairs to look at what I had written and again to take away my worries and burdens. The following day I had an offer of three jobs. Two were within my spiritual field and the other one was an agency asking me to go for an interview. The lady from the agency asked what was so special about me, as she had placed four jobs into her computer and all four came up with my name. I had joined the agency a year ago and since then nothing had happened. So as you can imagine, she was surprised to say the least. I told her the truth and felt the shivers go down me as she told me her story. Approximately, six years ago, her husband left her with no money and one child to bring up. She was broke and had nowhere to go. She did the exact same thing as I did and today she is a successful business women.  I took all three jobs, working part time in each and the money, oh yes, it was nearly the exact amount.

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